I remained quiet on Brexit for as long as I could. I swear to you, not keeping my huge yap shut about this is excessive to manage. However, after a week of soul-searching and mad mouth zipping skills, I have to say something. Brexit Marketing is a complete fail!

I understand that the Leave camp is breaking down in the after-effects of the election, however seriously the Remain camp must have among the worst marketing groups in the history of Europe. I indicate, you separated the biggest union of nation-states in the history of mankind. The great experiment failed, and now you need some branding assistance.

Luckily, after years of assisting companies to enhance their branding online, I have some concepts that can help you recover from one of the most embarrassing results in current history.


5 Brexit Marketing Mistakes

1. Create the brand- It boggles my mind! According to recent Google Trends results, look for the keyword What is the EU were low until Friday when they shot up. While millions of Brits currently know what the EU is, the fact that this particular search turned up after the elections is indicative of how little the British learn about the EU.

This is a branding issue of significant portions.

Before we enter into this, the history instructor in me has to offer a quick history lesson to understand why EU branding fails.

It all starts like all great stories do, a hundred plus years ago when dear Queen Victoria was the toast to the statement “Long Live the Queen!” During her remarkable 64 years as titular leader of the nation, Great Britain was the best country worldwide.

Pride skyrocketed, and nationalism emerged. The concept that you were not simply from Gresham or York or London, but part of the United Kingdom held sway in the general public’s imagination.

It was this same nationalism that would generate a militaristic Germany, Italy, and Japan over the coming decades. So not all good, however there you have it. The history of nationalism.

Fast-forward with me on this tale of pride before the fall, and we see Britain again in the time of Neville Chamberlain. A male who did not see, or selected not to think, that the Nazi would assault Poland until his profession ended up being a political footnote of exactly what not to do.

From his ashes, Winston Churchill quickly reminded the people, “we happy, we couple of,” to paraphrase we were only who outlived Hitler’s tyranny.

It was quite a blow then to see that just a few short years after World War Two that Britain was decreased in the eyes of the world to a has-been. Their former colonies (USA! USA! U.S.A!) now controlled half the world.

This is why pride comes before the fall. Through the previous 60 years of the EU Experiment, the United Kingdom is regularly advised how they are not the decision-makers. Instead, they are but one nation in a cumulative of nations.

It is this reason they were too proud ever to join the Euro. This is also the reason they opted to Leave.

History has taught them they are British initially, and Europeans later on. In reality, from a branding perspective, this is the greatest failure of the EU. While they might manage much of the European laws, individuals in Britain and other European countries see the EU as absolutely nothing more than outsiders.

Outsiders are never efficient rulers. They have understanding and obedience issues that locals never have. In essence, it all boils down to nationalistic branding.

If Britain is to ever become a full-fledged member of the EU once again, they need to brand name the EU. You might dismiss a re-vote now, but wait to see if a reconsider vote occurs in the next two years.

Just as American kids say the Pledge in school to indoctrinate a diverse individuals to one concept, the EU must have some pertinent, emotional event that will help Europeans comprehend that they are not British or French or Germans.

Otherwise, any victory to return to the EU will constantly be short-term. The 21st century has reshaped how federal governments interact with their individuals. The EU needs to offer the same procedure of modification if they plan on continuing. Otherwise, people will continue to Google “what is the EU?”


Because of very same respect, if you wish to avoid Brexit marketing fails you have to make sure individuals comprehend exactly what your service stands for. Otherwise, if people do not get your branding they might not appreciate your company.

2. Feelings, then Logic- Speaking of the event, the British elite needs to describe the positives of the EU in psychological in addition to reasonable terms.

While I find it despicable to badger immigrants as the sole reason why the UK does not gain from the EU, it is necessary to note why that works.

As any sales individual can inform you, people make decisions based upon their feelings and confirm that emotion with reasoning. It mentally makes sense to numerous Britain’s that it is harder to get work when you have more people in the country.

Additionally, the logical result of immigration is they might lose their tasks to an immigrant. Die the idea how someone not from your native land beats you fair and square to YOUR job.

The difficulty with this argument is multiple. In the meantime, I would like to point out with more individuals come the need for more services, which inevitably result in more jobs.

However, in deference to the Brexit dispute, bear in mind that the Leave project argued that the financial sector would lose their jobs. For the large bulk of common Britains who do not have absurd financial sector wages, this is not a problem.

After all, many financial experts earn a high living. How can they comprehend the predicament of labor? This is the sensible argument from the Stay campaign. There is no psychological undertone.

It is the best example of rational versus emotional sales. Psychological sales win the huge majority of the time.

3. The misconception of Choice- What is the point of electing a British government, if the EU makes the decisions. This is probably the biggest difficulty the EU deals with. They need to have direct elections for EU representatives.

Otherwise, a growing number of people will seek to leave a non-democratic company.

Given that Europe has progressively turned Democratic over the past couple of years, it is a tough pill for them to think in democracy and not have a voice in the say of European Union politics.

The reason democracy flourishes are that it supplies an outlet for expression by the individuals. Whatever you might say about the corruption of the policy and the purchasing of political leaders over recent years, the huge majority of citizens are intelligent enough to see a spade for a spade.

In that same concept, your prospective clients require an option. They need to know they are not being shuffled through your sales funnel like loose paper on a desk.

That is why some the best companies offer various levels of services for different levels of needs. By supplying a real option, you can increase sales for your business and put the business in a better light because they serve everyone’s best interests.

4. Re-frame- Most customers want to control the discussion in a conversation. That is fine; you certainly have to let them note their issues. Among the significant challenges in the Brexit debate was that nobody listened. Now after the election, youths are opposing the outcomes saying that leaving the EU is not in their best interest.

That is since they understand that this is not a good deal for the country. Plus, it seems that much of the reports on the migration debate were false anyways. Oops!

In the end, this highlights how people can be sidetracked from what matters. It also supplies a chance to re-frame the concerns in your marketing with items that do matter.

For instance, the business that has been around for 50 years don’t say they are old and stodgy. They claim to have 50 years of painful battled experience. Conversely, the new business focuses on the energy and enthusiasm they have to assist their customers.

Re-frame your branding to match your client’s needs. Simply one thing. Make sure that do everything morally. Do NOT mislead consumers like the Leave campaign perhaps misled citizens by informing the country this would get rid of prohibited migration.

5. The ideal group- This is vital for any company or government. As we can see the fallout of Brexit marketing, having the best team in place is important. When David Cameron stepped down, it left a gaping hole that Britain has a hard time to fill.

It also indicates that Britain will not carry out Order 50 of the EU treaty till after September when a new Prime Minister is elected. Order 50 enables a nation to leave the bloc of EU nations. Most of the EU do not want unpredictability. They want the Brits to act now.

However, PM Cameron said he would not buy it. This was something that his follower would need to do. Discuss a tough tablet to swallow for the successor.

  • Elected to the workplace: Check!
  • Go into 10 Downing Street: Check!
  • Sign Order 50 and Leave the EU: Ummmm!

That is why you need great leadership. It appears to be missing out on today in England. Nevertheless, deep space will be filled ultimately.

Last Thoughts

As you can see Brexit marketing is not smooth at all. Both sides made some significant mistakes. Nevertheless, you can learn from the Brexit marketing errors in your service.

Since how you market your business is every bit as important to your customers as for how the Brexit marketing affected people in the UK.

For that reason, do your best to improve your Brexit marketing for your business so you can gain from the errors listed above. Let me know in the comments below how you can gain from the Brexit marketing fail?