Many people want to learn a new language. What prevents them are fears involving cost and requisite free time. Duolingo solves both problems by providing a convenient online repository of more than 20 different languages. You can take over 40 courses that will prepare you not only to understand the language but speak it. Best of all, there’s no cost to use the site. Its owners monetize through a combination of crowdfunding and venture capital, assuring it remains free to use.

Even as you transfer to texting as your primary means of communication, you still use your email on a daily basis. The problem is that it suffers from clutter issues even worse than that closet you haven’t organized in years. Regaining control of your inbox improves your productivity while reducing your stress. is the perfect solution to your problems, because it filters all your opt-in content. Those daily and weekly messages you receive won’t appear individually in your inbox.

Once you sign up for, it combines all of the email senders you choose into a single daily digest. You can easily scan through it to read anything important while ignoring the rest so that you won’t fear your inbox anymore. Browse better with an Apple iPhone and its super-fast processing power to scan everything in your inbox in moments.
Don’t worry about the strange name. It’s an acronym for If This Then That, which is the core concept of the site. Using IFTTT, you can improve the functionality of your favorite apps. You choose your favorite “recipes”, which other users created to improve the community. These methods allow you to combine diverse sites into a single user action.For instance, are you an Atlanta Braves fan? There is a recipe that shouts, “Go Braves!” when the game starts. Do you love fantasy sports? You can teach the app which players are on your team, and it’ll notify you when they’re injured or otherwise require substitution. If you’re more of a tinkerer, some recipes enable you to turn off the lights in your home thanks to intelligent integration with an Amazon Echo. IFTTT makes all the sites you love even better. Down for Everyone or Just Me?

No internet service is perfect. Occasionally, you’ll experience outages just as the sites you frequent also suffer service interruptions. Determining whether it’s your issue or theirs can drive you mad. Fortunately, this site takes the guesswork out of the issue. Only pull up their search bar and type in the web address you can’t reach. It’ll identify whether the site’s down or you’re the one with the problem.
Strip Creator

Does your life feel like a cartoon? You can prove it the world thanks to this nifty tool. You can pick from a set of tools or build your own. Then, you can add the captions that tell the narrative of your life.

Strip Creator does all the hard work while trusting you to provide the ingenuity. If you think a lack of any artistic ability is all that has stopped you from becoming the next Jim Davis, let this site handle the drawing while you bring the funny.

Since all the other sites increased your productivity, you’ve now got more time to play. What’s better than using that time to relive some of your favorite memories? SNES Fun delivers all the best 16-bit Nintendo games, and you can play them directly in your browser window.
You don’t even need a controller. The buttons on your keyboard work fine, although you can add a classic gamepad if so inclined. Whether you prefer Super Mario World, Final Fantasy 2, or The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past – it’s all available to play for free at SNES Fun.
One of the tricks to mastering the internet is finding the best sites. Bookmark all the sites above, and you’ll increase your productivity, reduce your frustration, and even have some extra time to play video games.